Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good Housekeeping vs. Real Housekeeping...

What do your friends houses look like when guests aren't there?

I have to admit, I think I'm a pretty good housekeeper. I think my husband is a pretty lucky guy. That being said, there has been more than one moment in our home with two full time workers on opposite schedules and our adorable 10 month old where we look around in dismay and wonder if anyone else uses the corner of the stairs to collect stuff.
So, I went looking for an answer. I figured in the modge podge of the web, I would find a site with a collection of photos representing the housekeeping of real people. People with full time jobs and babies and a definite lack of a decorating degree.
After two days of searching, I came up with nada. I was pretty dissapointed at this point and borderline obsessed. So, I created my own.

What I didn't want to see is friends georgeous homes on facebook, or homes that have been cleaned for a weekend in anticipation of guests. Just homes. However they happen to be. If they're clean, awesome. If they're dirty. Awesome. I want to see!

You can email me photos of your house at I would love to hear from you!

Alright, Alright! I'll be the first to show my dirty laundry....

For Guests.....


Right Now....


  1. I love that M is just chillin in the stroller hanging out in the middle of the room!

  2. So funny! When I tell my kids to clean up they always ask, who's coming over!

  3. Exactly! I would love to see everyone's house on a "normal" day! It's my latest (very weird) obsession.

  4. What a refreshing idea for a fun blog! I try to keep my house from getting out-of-control just in case guests drop by. But, my word, does it get out-of-hand quickly with a ten-month-old around! My husband I both work full time so keeping the house all Southern Living on a day-to-day basis is next to impossible!
    Amy @